From "Expecting A Miracle"

Something Beautiful

Derrik Jordan - Expecting A Miracle
Derrik Jordan and Martin Sutton


This song is seeking to be a bridge to bring people together. Inspired by Marvin Gaye's What's Going On? it longs for connection. Collected on the compilation CD "The World Will Remember" which was a benefit CD for the 9/11 victims. One of the first to come out by people who were some of the first artists on CD Baby.


Something Beautiful


The whole world over

Too many hearts in despair

Tell me, have we forgotten how to care?

Open up your mind

You can always find


Something beautiful in everyone

Truly wonderful, sweet as the sun

Something beautiful, now we've begun

To believe, we can see something beautiful


Reach out all around

You can see it everywhere

Love lives between us

Can't you feel it in the air?

Take a look inside

You will always find




Something more, something true

In us all, shining through

Oh, like something beautiful


(instrumental break)


Take a look inside

You will always find


Copyright 1997 Derrik Jordan and Martin Sutton

Hilljoy Music (BMI) / Ten Ton Music Publishing Ltd (BMI) (802)387-4050

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