From "Touch The Earth"


Derrik Jordan - Touch the Earth
Words and music by Derrik Jordan


Written after my traditional Lakota vision quests from lessons learned over four years. It asserts, as Phil Crazybull, our medicine man used to say, "We are all indigenous." Meaning we are all connected to mother earth. No one person or race has more right to the planet than any other - we all share it. "mitakuye oyasin" meaning "we are all related" is the core belief of the Lakota. It is the thing that one tries to keep in mind at all times. Not just people are conneted but all things - plants, animals, stones, everything.




I am the sky

And the earth below

I'm never lost

Anywhere I go

I am the rain

And the barren land

I see myself In each grain of sand


Oh, I'm not alone

The earth is my home



We are all indigenous

Totally original

Lightning, sea and stardust

We are all indigenous


I dig and climb

And pull the plow

I swim and fly

I'll show you how

I am the grass

And the ancient trees

The spark of life

Carried on the breeze


Oh, I'm not alone

The earth is my home




We breathe the same air

And drink the same water

Our bodies share the same mother


©2001 Derrik Jordan Hilljoy Music (BMI) (802)387-4050

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