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  1. Fearlessly

From the recording Fearlessly

About overcoming our fears and living our lives fully in relationship with each other. It has a dreamlike quality and is one of my favorite melodies on this CD. The lyric was written with my good friend Brian Hobbs who lives in Sweden and writes songs and produces CDs there. There is also an instrumental version on the CD featuring the flute playing of Erik Lawrence.


Fearlessly we step into the night
And light up the stars with our love
Wading through moonless fields where countless fireflies glow
Fearlessly we move inside a dream
And open the doors of desire
Tenderly like a summer breeze we touch
And our hearts catch a fire
Fearlessly like falling rain
We shed our clothes, stand unashamed
Dive like swallows through the canyon air
Down to the waters
Fearlessly we face the morning light
Amazed by this world that we see
On this magical journey, you and I, hand in hand, fearlessly
Copyright 2003 Derrik Jordan and Brian Hobbs Music by Derrik Jordan  lyric by Brian Hobbs and Derrik Jordan
Hilljoy Music (BMI) (802) 387-4050 www.derrikjordan.com