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Windham Loops (excerpt)

If you are looking for unusual and off the beaten path music for your video projects you've come to the right place! Derrik Jordan's World Fusion music is being featured on 100 TV shows in over 20 countries, commercials and films (Sons Of Anarchy, Vice, Pawn Stars, Dick's Sporting Goods and more). What sets his music apart is that he uses real instruments and collaborates with master musicians from around the world. Here are some examples of the wide variety of music that is available at Worldsoul Records. There are also many alternate versions for most of the tracks. Please contact Derrik Jordan at to negotiate a license and to discuss the usage for the tracks that interest you.

Bideew Bou Bess


Everything Is Possible - (Senegal) with Senegalese supergroup Bideew Bou Bess on vocals - Listen:  Everything_Is_Possible.mp3

Zimba Tabla - (Zimbabwe) Featuring Forward Kwenda from Zimbabwe on mbira - Listen: Zimba_Tabla.mp3

Toubab - (West African) elec. violin, perc, wah guitar - Listen: Toubab.mp3

Timbuktu - (Mali, West African) violin pizz, bass, balafon, perc, wah guitar - Listen: Timbuktu.mp3

Homunculus - (West African) flute, violin, balafon, perc - Listen: Homunculus.mp3


Derrik Jordan


Walk In Beauty - (Samba) sax, guitar, elec. piano, perc, bass, cuica, elec. violin - Listen: Walk_In_Beauty_-_inst.mp3

Fearlessly - (Bossa Nova) alto flute, guitar, perc - Listen: Fearlessly-inst1.mp3

Dream Of Bahia - (Brazilian ballad) flute, steel pan, organ, perc, bass - Listen: Dream_Of_Bahia-inst1.mp3

Bernie Samba - (Carnival style samba) perc, horns - Listen: Bernie_Samba.mp3

Everyone Loves Brazil - (Samba) sax, guitar, piano, strings, perc - Listen: Everyone_Loves_Brazil-inst.mp3



Lulu's Raga - (Bollywood) strings, perc, sitar - Listen: Lulus_Raga.mp3

Bhangra Bliss - (Bhangra) tabla, flute, sitar, synth, santoor, perc, violin - Listen: Bhangra_Bliss.mp3

Lemon Shiva - (Chill out, meditative) flute, sitar - Listen: Lemon_Shiva.mp3

Bhangra-La - (Bhangra) tabla, violin, sarangi, flute, scratch, perc - Listen: Bhangra-La.mp3

Open Channel D - (Playful improv) violin, tabla - Listen: Open_Channel_D.mp3

Bay Ridge Raga - (Bollywood) violin, sitar, sarangi, perc - Listen: Bay_Ridge_Raga.mp3


Billy "Blanco" White


Attaque Espana - (Flamenco uptempo) guitar, violin, claps, cajon - Listen: Attaque_Espana.mp3

Spark And Smoke - (Flamenco mid-tempo) guitar, accordion, perc, cajon - Listen: Spark_And_Smoke.mp3

Mora Azul - (Flamenco uptempo) guitar, claps, cajon - Listen: Mora_Azul.mp3

Funky Flamenco - (Latin rock Santana style) - elec. guitar, drums, bass, organ - Listen: Funky_Flamenco.mp3

King Of Hearts - (Rumba Gypsy Kings style) - guitar, violin, bass, cajon, claps - Listen: King_Of_Hearts.mp3

The Last Tear - (Guatemalan Marimba style) - marimbas, congas, cowbell - Listen: The_Last_Tear.mp3



Middle Eastern

Afghan Spring - (medium tempo driving beat) strings, percussion - Listen: Afghan Spring.mp3

Thirst For Love - (medium slow) violin, oud, percussion - Listen: Thirst For Love.mp3

Sandcastles - (Medium tempo) violin, flute, oud, tablas, frame drum, santoor - Listen: Sandcastles.mp3

Desert Heat - (Slow) perc, Laoutar, violin - Listen: Desert_Heat.mp3

Dune Rider - (Fast) perc, Laoutar, violin - Listen: Dune_Rider.mp3



Asian Fusion

Trial By Fire - (Energetic) guitar, erhu, tabla, perc, bass - Listen: Trial_By_Fire.mp3

Spice Islands - (Dynamic) bonang, hand drums, erhu, perc - Listen: Spice_Islands.mp3

Ginseng Valley - (Gentle) erhu, piano, autoharp, bass - Listen: Ginseng_Valley.mp3

Half Past Now - (Gentle) erhu, piano, kalimba, perc, bass - Listen: Half_Past_Now.mp3

Wok Don't Run -  (Gentle with groove) erhu, guzheng, drums - Listen: Wok Don't Run.mp3

See "Music Licensing (2)" for more genres!