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Windham Loops (excerpt)

If you are looking for unusual and off the beaten path music for your video projects you've come to the right place! Derrik Jordan's World Fusion music is being featured in many TV shows, commercials and films (Sons Of Anarchy, Vice, Pawn Stars, Dick's Sporting Goods). What sets his music apart is that he uses real instruments and collaborates with master musicians from around the world. Here are some examples of the wide variety of music that is available at Worldsoul Records. There are also many alternate versions for most of the tracks. Please contact Derrik Jordan at to negotiate a license and to discuss the usage for the tracks that interest you.


Eastern European

Latkes 4 Lunch - (Klezmer/Jewish uptempo) - violin, piano, drums, bass - Listen: Latkes4Lunch.mp3

Chairs In The Air - (Klezmer/Jewish uptempo) - clarinet, violin, accordion, bass, drums - Listen: Chairs_In_The_Air.mp3

Jewish Lullaby - (Jewish ballad) - clarinet, piano - Listen: Jewish_Lullaby.mp3

Bubbala - (Klezmer/Jewish midtempo) - accordion, violin, drums, bass - Listen: Bubbala.mp3

Polish Love Song - (Polish Folk midtempo) violin, accordion, bass - Listen: Polish_Love_Song.mp3

Tatra Mountains - (Polish Folk midtempo) violin, accordion, bass - Listen: Tatra_Mtns.mp3

Happy Huns - (Hungarian Folk midtempo) guitar, claps, bass - Listen: Happy_Huns.mp3

Dance Of The Magyars - (Hungarian Folk midtempo) violin, guitar - Listen: Dance_Of_The_Magyars.mp3

When The Bough Breaks - (Hungarian Folk ballad) guitar, recorder, violin - Listen: When_The_Bough_Breaks.mp3



Better Half - (Americana, country) - fiddle, banjo, guitar, bass - Listen: Better Half.mp3

Jumbo Shrimp - (Cajun, country) - fiddle, guitar, bass, drums - Listen: Jumbo Shrimp.mp3

Traveling Man - (Bluegrass uptempo) - banjo, guitar, bass - Listen: Traveling_Man.mp3

2 Good 2 Be True - (Country/Cajun uptempo) - fiddle, guitar, banjo, bass - Listen: 2_Good_2_B_True.mp3

King Happy's Holiday - (Americana/Bluegrass uptempo) - banjo, guitar, bass - Listen: King_Happys_Holiday.mp3

Ghost Town - (Cowboy/Americana slow spooky) - guitar, harmonica, mandolin, elec. drums, bass - Listen: Ghost_Town.mp3

Dark Clouds Rolling - (Americana slow moody) - fiddle, guitar, banjo - Listen: Dark_Clouds_Rolling.mp3

Bigfoot's Howl - (Americana/Country slow) - pedal steel, guitar, mandolin, bass - Listen: Bigfoots_Howl.mp3



High Tide - (Calypso/Soca) - guitar, steel pan, bass, congas, perc, drums - Listen: High_Tide.mp3

Low Tide - (Calypso) - steel pan, guitar, organ, bass, drums, claps, cowbell - Listen: Low_Tide.mp3

Beach Party - (Soca) - steel pan solo - Listen: Beach_Party.mp3



Whistling Past the Graveyard - (midtempo) elec. guitar, bass, clavinet, drums - Listen: Whistling_Past_The_Graveyard.mp3

Get On The Soul Train - (fast) elec guitar, clavinet, bass, drums - Listen: Get_On_The_Soul_Train.mp3

Bad is Good - (slow midtempo) - organ, clavinet, bass, drums - Listen: Bad_Is_Good.mp3

Get Down 2 Get Up - (midtempo) - elec. guitar, bass, clavinet, drums - Listen: Get_Down_2_Get_Up.mp3

Please Please - (fast) - organ, elec. guitar, bass, congas, drums, horns - Listen: Please_Please.mp3


World Fusion - Mixed Bag

Sobobade - (world fusion vocal) - male vocal (Abiodun Oyewole), background vocals, guitar, keys, perc, violin, triangle - Listen: Sobobade.mp3

Endless Ocean - (world fusion - uptempo) - violin, balafon, female vocal, perc - Listen: Endless_Ocean.mp3

Steel Babylon - (world fusion) - steel pan, Laoutar, balafon - Listen: Steel_Babylon.mp3

Waterfalls - (world fusion - african) - violin, balafon - Listen: _Waterfalls.mp3

Aftermath - (world fusion - trance) - Laoutar, balafon, autoharp - Listen: Aftermath.mp3

Ragpicker's Rhapsody - (world fusion - dark) - elec. violin, Laoutar, balafon, perc - Listen: Ragpickers_Rhapsody.mp3

Jungle Eyes - (world fusion - african) - african harp, perc, cuica - Listen: Jungle_Eyes.mp3

Riffosaurus - (world fusion rock) - elec violin, drums, bass, congas, elec. guitar - Listen: Riffosaurus.mp3

Monster Bamboo - (world fusion - midtempo) - perc, afro harp, drums, bass, cymbals, scratch - Listen: Monster_Bamboo.mp3

Fire - (orchestral - strings) - violins - Listen: Fire.mp3

Jump 12 - (world fusion funk) - guitar, violin, bass, drums - Listen: Jump_12.mp3