1. Dream Of Bahia
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This song is a fantasy of what I thought Brazil might be like. It was written before I actually went there in 1987. It lived up to the dream and then some! It's not a samba or a bossa nova, more of a ballad that has it's own lilting feel kind of like the ocean waves rocking you.


Dream Of Bahia
Dream of the sea that's as blue as the sky
Sailing so free on the wings of the mind
Across the waves the islands beckon
Salty spray and in one second awaken
See that the vision's only a dream
Dream of Bahia
Lay on a beach that's as white as a cloud
Run out of reach with the sun pouring down
Softly breezes blow, caressing
Such a joy to know such blessing confessing
As you awake, it's only a dream
Dream of Bahia
Land of the sun and the jungle and sea
People who smile ever so easily
Sounds of samba sweetly playing
And the happy people swaying
Praying That you could stay, but it's only a dream
Dream of Bahia
Copyright 2003 Derrik Jordan (written in 1986) Words and music by Derrik Jordan
Hilljoy Music (BMI) derrikjordan.com