1. Nostalgia
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A wistful lyric about times gone by and how one can never return except in fantasy. One of my favorite melodies from this CD. There is also an instrumental version on Disc 2 of this CD with Eugene Uman on piano and Erik Lawrence on soprano sax.


How I wish I could remember
All those times we spent together
But so many things I can't recall
The great and small are lost inside of me
Years go by in such a hurry
Looking back, they seem so blurry
Then a moment comes, a song, a smell
And feelings gel into a memory
Of days when we were young and free
So sure of immortality
Never suspecting that time would come
When we'd feel some nostalgia
So old friend, thank you for calling
Guess my heart needs overhauling
Sharing stories from the past
When all our dreams were vast It's funny, but it means a lot to me
Copyright 2003 Derrik Jordan Words and music by Derrik Jordan
Hilljoy Music (BMI) derrikjordan.com