1. Say The Word
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An uptempo samba that asks a friend to just say what it is that is on their mind and stop playing games. The truth will set you free and will chase away your "tiny demons." Sax by Erik Lawrence.


Say The Word
Say the word
All you have to do is speak what's there In your heart
Say the word
Like a bonfire let it blaze a path through the darkness
Straight to my door where I'll be waiting
Hey, it's only me
Can't you see
That I would never hurt you
Say the word
Watch your tiny demons running scared from the light
Say the word
If it's true then there's no power that can shame its rightness
You're not alone
Don't nurse your secret
That just makes it strong
And you're wrong if you think no one sees it
Say the word
Copyright 2003 Derrik Jordan Words and music by Derrik Jordan
Hilljoy Music (BMI) derrikjordan.com