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This song was originally recorded by Angela Bofill on her debut album "Angie" for Arista Records in 1978 and featured some great musicians playing on it like Steve Gadd and Eric Gale. Angie used it as a show closer and would get the whole audience singing along with the chorus. This was the first samba that I ever wrote (1976). I wrote it as a music student at Bennington College. Surprisingly, this is my first recorded version of the song.


Share Your Love
Isn't it strange how everything's changed
When we have been friends?
All that we cared is up in the air
When we have been friends
Oh, share your love with the world
Oh, share your love with the world
It deserves what you are
Maybe it's wrong to think us so strong
That we'd never end
Though what it was, is not near what it does
To see you again
Where is the look that once I mistook
For being in love?
It's not in your eyes, no, you can't disguise
What you're thinking of
You say it's not a problem we've got
That's bringing you down
Say what it is so we can forgive
And feel better now
Drop that defense that's making you tense
It's just a mirage
Loosen your sheath so what's underneath
Can feel the massage 
Copyright 2003 Derrik Jordan (Original copyright 1978) recorded by Angela Bofill on her LP "Angie"
Hilljoy Music (BMI) (802) 490-0868