1. Walk In Beauty
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This one is an invitation to your loved one to join you in the beauty of nature. It features a cuica, a Braziiian instrument used in samba that is very expressive and humorous. Lisa Sokolov and Derrik duet on vocals. Lisa Sokolov also performs this on piano in her own shows and has released it on her own DVD. I have also created an instrumental arrangement of this song for woodwind quintet.


Walk In Beauty
Oh how can you help but be enthralled
When there is beauty all around us?
Right now, not some time I'm dreaming of
When ecstasy and love have found us
Right here in this place where we reside
Not some far-flung island It's ours the moment we decide
That what we have is all that we need
Will you walk in beauty with me?
Will you walk in beauty with me, love?

Copyright 2003 Derrik Jordan   Words and music by Derrik Jordan
Hilljoy Music (BMI) (802) 490-0868 derrikjordan.com