From the recording Touch The Earth

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I have recorded this song many times and it was originally released on a CD that benefited the Rainforest Action Network by Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream that included songs by Jerry Garcia and Paul Winter. This version is my favorite and features swirling kalimbas in the choruses, electric violin and lots of percussion.


Touch The Earth
Touch the earth while you can
Touch the earth where you stand
Find your place in this creation
It's a source of inspiration
Look beyond your own reflection
Into nature's true perfection
Don't abuse the gift of power
Looking down from your ivory tower
In this life you're no outsider
So give thanks to the great provider
The bird flies from tree to tree
But even she eventually must touch the earth, touch the earth
Instrumental break
Plant a seed of understanding
In a universe expanding
Not to lose this home we're building
Having been ungrateful children
c 2001 Derrik Jordan Hilljoy Music (BMI) (802)387-4050