From the recording Expecting A Miracle

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Written with Brian Hobbs from Sweden, although we wrote it when he was living in NYC. He's American and this song is about what happens when you try to be something you're not and your past catches up with you.


I Knew You When
You can change your name, you can change your occupation
You can spend your life rewriting all your mistakes
You can sign away your soul
Win an Oscar for your role
Till someone knocks you cold
Telling you I knew you when
You can lie so much that you don't even know you're lying
You can set the world on fire and never get burned
You can even change your face
Rest assured your secret's safe
Till someone trumps your ace
Telling you I knew you when
Well, you can hide behind your reasons
But there's no way that you can win
˜Cause when you think the world's believing
There's that familiar voice saying, I knew you when
So as you live your life among this world of strangers
You might as well give up and just be yourself
˜Cause no matter what you've done
People know where you come from
And there'll always be someone
Telling you I knew you when
Copyright 1997 Derrik Jordan and Brian Hobbs
Hilljoy Music (BMI) / MCA Music (STIM) (802)387-4050