From the recording Expecting A Miracle

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A co-write with Brian Hobbs


Just Another No News Day

The Klu Klux Klan shot JFK
The CIA suppressed the evidence
And here’s the latest list of what can kill in mother’s milk
And studies show a drop in consumer confidence
People starving in Africa
They’re always starving in Africa

Just another no news day (3x)

Nine thousand people lost their jobs
When some computer sold the company
Another war broke out in someplace that I can’t pronounce
And now the homeless have incurable TB
Social workers everywhere agree
There’s too much violence on TV

Just another no news day (3x)

And there’s a hole up in the sky
But I can’t see it
And there’s a world outside
And so much suffering
But I won’t let it in
What can one man do, anyway?

Ten million souls with HIV
The health insurance game is going broke
A doctor’s murdered by a man who stands for right to life
And all the rainforests are going up in smoke
People screaming for equality
Don’t they know they’re already free?

Just another no news day (4x)

Copyright 1997 Derrik Jordan and Brian Hobbs
Hilljoy Music (BMI) / MCA Music (STIM)