1. Black n' Blues

From the recording Expecting A Miracle

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A co-write with Bryant Urban


Black n’ Blues

Well, it would’ve been just as well
If I didn’t see your sister the other day
You know my heart jumped and fell
‘Cause she reminds me of you and your special ways
She said you’re doing real fine
And I’d do best just to leave you alone
But something in her voice let me know
That all’s not right in your happy home

You can’t hide the truth looking down at your shoes
I know the pain goes deeper than the bruise
It’s your life to live and your life to choose
Just hurts to see you living with these black n’ blues, yeah
Black n’ blues

Well, I could’ve just walked on by
But it’s been such a long, long while
That I had to stop, don’t know why
But just seeing you again makes me smile
And though it hurts real bad
When I think about what you put me through
I don’t get no pleasure whatsoever
When I see what he’s done to you


Well, I think I better leave you now
I guess I never should’ve come here anyway
I did my best long ago
But it wasn’t good enough to make you stay
I’m still right up the avenue
The same old place, just call me night or day
But I don’t want to hear how much he loves you
‘Cause no real man would ever treat you this way


Copyright 1997 Derrik Jordan and Bryant Urban
Hilljoy Music (BMI) / Faisca Music (BMI)
Derrik Jordan www.derrikjordan.com