"Sky Mirror" Wins Shakuhachi Chamber Music International Prize 2008

I am very pleased to announce that I have won the Shakuhachi Chamber Music International Prize for 2008 for "Sky Mirror," a piece I composed in February 2008 for shakuhachi, string quartet and electric guitar. The composition competition took place in Australia with entries submitted from all over the world. Shakuhachi (aka Japanese bamboo flute) is used traditionally in Zen Buddhism and is most often played solo. It has a very evocative and expressive sound, sometimes employing explosive breath and other techniques unique to the instrument. The idea behind this competition in Australia was to expand the repertoire of the shakuhachi by encouraging composers to create chamber music pieces that feature the shakuhachi as part of an ensemble. "Sky Mirror" will be performed and recorded as part of the prize in a concert in December and there is a cash award of $1500 Australian dollars as well. If you are interested you can go to their website to see for yourself. http://www.shakuhachichambermusic.net/index.html